Things, thoughts, ideas:

My mind is in chaos.

I look for help from left to right

Alas I find nothing in sight.

Swimming in this mess,

Trying to stay afloat;

Giving up doesn’t seem like an option

Neither does living on.

I am tired.

Tired of trying to rest-

I keep chasing the calm

That plays hide and go seek

Like it hears nobody’s scream.

What have I become?

Who am I now?

Can someone give me answers,

Or do you wanna have fun?

Back and forth we run;

In and out of the sun.

I can’t keep doing this

I can’t keep fighting anymore.

Let the chaos win,

Win over my mind and my soul.

Cause at this point, I couldn’t, couldn’t care no more.



Wouldn’t say I lost much,

Much of who I was

But I can’t fill the chasm-

The chasm of all things loved.

I miss the old me.

Believe me, I do.

I try to Love what I see

Hello Stranger- who are you?

I hope it would be something more.

Something, someone;

I want to get to know you better

But the hatred seems too much.

I’ve felt Pain-

Inexplicable and frustrating.

Yet, I don’t want it to leave me —

Like everything inevitably does.

I know I’ve let it define me

For way too long a time.

Alas, how, my friend, do I go about?

When I fail to see a way out!

I’n trying to love the pain I feel,

Hoping it would help;

But maybe I’m just meant to be

A stranger to myself.